Scout Dog makes collars with the finest materials and hardware so your dog can look his best. We hope both you and your dog will have some fun with our products!  After all, he’s your best friend – don’t you want to be seen with a great looking companion?

Because Scout and all his siblings were stray or abandoned animals, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Scout Dog collars goes to support local rescue organizations. (For a list of supported organizations, click here.) We also encourage you to support your local rescue organizations, and next time you’re thinking about adding a fur kid to your family, adopt, don’t shop!


When can I expect to receive my collar?

Because all collars are custom made to order, please allow a little time for us to complete your order. Your collar will typically ship within one to two weeks, but of course you’ll be kept up to date if anything impacts that timeframe. If you need your collar by a certain date, let us know and we’ll do our best to make that happen!


Care of your Scout Dog collar:

All Scout Dog collars are treated with two coats of Scotchgard in order to be as resistant to dirt as possible. In the event your collar does get dirty, place it in a pillowcase or other protective covering and machine wash it on the gentle cycle. Air dry.


Recycling Program:

When you’re ready to replace your existing Scout Dog collar, you can trade in your collar for a discounted replacement. We’ll reuse your durable metal hardware, but give you a brand new collar. Just contact us for details.


Please Note: Only you can decide the suitability of these collars for your particular dog; fabric collars may not be appropriate for all dogs. Scout Dog collars are made of the highest quality fabrics and buckles, but cannot guarantee the suitability for your dog and your intended uses. Please use your best judgment based on your knowledge of your dog, and in purchasing these products, you accept all responsibility for the safety of your dog and of others. Under no circumstances is any product offered to be used for personal safety.


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